Oenolab Diagnostics

Reagents and analyzers for food and wine analysis



Oenolab Diagnostics is a leading specialist in the manufacturing and development of diagnostic solutions for wine laboratories and more largely for food and beverage industries.

Our mission is to enable our customers to achieve their goals by providing reliable, durable and best quality / price solutions.

Our ambition is to become a reference company and we strive to:
> continuously improve our products.
> understand and answer to our customers' needs.
> continuously improve our after sales service to ensure and master professional and efficient services.

Determination of Potassium, Calcium and Sodium

We have developped liquid stable test kits for the determination of potassium, calcium and sodium in must and wine.
Reliable and accurate our kits are the best alternative to the very expensive atomic absorption spectrophotometry.

Automatic titrator

Oeno-titrator is an easy to use and accurate titrator for the automatic determination of the titratable acidity and pH in wine.
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Wine analyzer

The mini-analyzer is a reliable and economical solution to automate the wine analysis. Its ultra compact size makes it the smallest automatic wine analyzer available on the market. Its unique design allows a quick and easy start. It also reduces operating costs and maintenance to a minimum. Learn more ...